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When ridge cap failure occurs on a roof, re-pointing is required. This naturally occurs over the lifespan of a roof and is commonly seen on roofs that are more than 15 years old.

During a roof inspection we thoroughly assess the state of the ridge capping system along the roof. If the pointing is failing the best way to correct the issue is to clean the area and re point the section to ensure the new material adheres to the surface and keep the areas sealed for longer.

Our Roofaid take care in this process to ensure that the application of the flexible mortar keeps the areas sealed and secured against the elements.

Depending on the number of caps on the roof, the process may take from 1-3 days.

As part of a free Roofaid inspection, we will detail any ridge cap damage to you by inspecting your roof and taking photos. Any re-pointing that will need to occur will be outlined in your detailed quote.