Roof Repairs Byron Bay Shire, Tweed Shire and Surrounds

Does your Northern NSW property require roof repairs? Our team of experts constantly assess and repair roofs  from Byron Bay to Murwillumbah and in to the hinterland, providing the highest quality roof repairs at affordable prices.

Roof Repairs Byron Bay And Tweed Shire Locals Trust

Our service area includes Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores, Pottsville and surrounds, and with over 12 years’ experience, whatever the problem you have with your roof, we can repair it. From tile roofs to metal roofs, and terracotta roof tiles, we can help with all kinds of roof repairs as well as high pressure roof cleaning for roofs with a build-up of dirt and moss.

Our Roofing Repair Services Include

Ponting of Ridge Caps

Roof Cleaning

Gutters & Garage doors painting

Tile Replacement

Re screw of Metal Roofs

Fixing Leaking Roofs

Tiled roof Repairs

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roof re-screwing

Avoyd rust and extend the life of your roof

Properties close to the ocean are naturally affected by salt in the air. Rust starts appearing on sections of exposed metal where protective cotings have degraded and exposed the metal to the elements.

It is also more common than not to find rust starting to show on metal screws in roofs of all ages.

We replace rusty screws in area such as Byron Bay, Bunswick Heads, Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores, Pottsville and surrounds to ensure the longevity of your roof to withstand the inclement coastal weather of the beautiful area we call home.

Ridge caps re-pointing

When ridge cap failure occurs on a roof, re-pointing is required. This naturally occurs over the lifespan of a roof and is commonly seen on roofs that are more than 15 years old.

During a roof inspection we thoroughly assess the state of the ridge capping system along the roof. If the pointing is failing the best way to correct the issue is to clean the area and re point the section to ensure the new material adheres to the surface and keep the areas sealed for longer.

Our team take care in this process to ensure that the application of the flexible mortar keeps the areas sealed and secured against the elements.

Depending on the number of caps on the roof, the process may take from 1-3 days.

As part of a free inspection, we will detail any ridge cap damage to you by inspecting your roof and taking photos. Any re-pointing that will need to occur will be outlined in your detailed quote.

Gutters and Garage Door Panting

Complete the fresh look of your house

Along with our roof work, and in order  to deliver outstanding aestetical results for your property, we offer gutters and garage painting services.

By painting this areas, we not only protect them from the elements but complete the fresh look of your property to achieve outstanding results.

At Roof Aid NSW, We aim to increase the value of your home and provide our customers with instant satisfaction. This will have direct positive benefits on the value and look of your property.

Let us work our magic and revive the look and value of your property.

Call Us For An Obligation Free Roof Repairs Quote

Roof repairs can range from a few broken roof tiles, to rust repair and anything in between. Every job is different so our team will visit your property, provide a free inspection and quote on your repairs so you know exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost. With many years of experience in the provision of roof repairs for homes in and around Byron Bay and Tweed shires, you can rest assured that we will get your roof back its best in no time. Give us a call for an obligation free quote and consultation.